Article 2. Diseases

§4-201    Falls City Code   §4-203

Article 2. Diseases
§4-201 DISEASE; CONTAGIOUS. It shall be the duty of every
physician called in to care for or treat a person afflicted with
any contagious disease or any epidemic disease to make a report of
the same within twenty-four (24) hours after being called in for
such care, to the Municipal Police Chief. In the event that no
physician is in attendance, it shall be the duty of the person in
charge of the care of such ill patient to make a report within
twenty-four (24) hours from the time the disease is recognized.
(Ref. 71-503 RS Neb.)
§4-202 DISEASE; SPREADING CONTAGION. It shall be unlawful for
any person to spread disease willfully or negligently, or to cause
the spread of the same. (Ref. 17-114, 17-123 RS Neb.)
unlawful for the parent, guardian, or other person responsible for
any child to fail or neglect to secure proper medical treatment for
the said child when he is afflicted with a contagious or infectious
disease. (Ref. 17-114, 17-123 RS Neb.)