Article 4. Officials Generally

§1-401   Falls City Code   §1-403

Article 4. Officials Generally
Every officer and employee of the
City or of any of its boards or departments shall promptly and
fully account for and deliver to his successor or as otherwise
directed by the Mayor and Council, all money, equipment and other
property of the City which he has in his possession or has received
from the City during his term of office or employment.
§1-402 OFFICIALS; CHARGES AGAINST. Any person may make a charge
of misconduct in office against any City official, which charge
shall be in writing and under oath and shall specify the nature of
the misconduct claimed, which charge shall be filed with the City
Clerk. Such charge shall be fully read at the next regular meeting
of the City Council or at a special meeting called for that
purpose, and if so ordered by the Council, a copy of such charge,
certified by the City Clerk, shall be served upon the officer
charged, together with a notice that he shall show cause, at a
meeting of the Council, why he should not be removed from office.
Any official found guilty of misconduct after a proper hearing, if
one is requested, shall be removed from office in the manner
prescribed by law.
§1-403 OFFICIALS; CHANGE IN OFFICE. The Governing Body shall
meet at seven o’clock (7:00) P.M. on the first (1st) regular
meeting in December in each election year following the day of the
Municipal election and the outgoing officers and the outgoing
members of the City Council shall present their reports. The
outgoing members of the Council shall surrender their offices to
the incoming members. Each outgoing officer shall thereupon
surrender to his successor in office all property, records, papers,
and moneys belonging to the same. After such surrender, the
outgoing Council shall adjourn sine die. The newly elected Council
shall then convene and proceed to organize itself for the ensuing
year. The Mayor shall call the meeting to order. The new Council
shall then proceed to examine the credentials of their members and
other elective officers of the Municipality to see that each has
been duly and properly elected and to see that such oaths and bonds
have been given as are required. The Council shall then elect one
of its own body to be the President of the Council. The Mayor
shall then proceed with the regular order of business. It shall be
the duty of all members of the Council and other elected officials
to qualify prior to the first (1st) regular meeting in December
following their election. All appointive officers shall qualify
within two (2) weeks following their appointment. (Ref. 17-
107.02(9) RS Neb.)