Where is Falls City?

Falls City is in a prime location. Strategically placed at the center of America’s heartland, three major metropolitan areas are less than two hours away: Kansas City, Missouri, Topeka, Kansas, and Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

Due to this great location, shipping is readily available to and from Falls City. Major north-south and east-west interstate systems are less than one hour away. Six interstate and two intrastate carriers serve the community. UPS and Federal Express make regular stops. Barge service on the Missouri is only 25 miles away. Rail transportation is available on both Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the Union Pacific Railroads. Both mainlines are major transportation for commodity and coal routes, which cross just south of Falls City.


Distances (mi.)
Topeka, KS 90
Kansas City 108
Wichita, KS 230
Des Moines, IA 225
Chicago 557
Los Angeles 1,599
Dallas 569
New York 1,300
Denver 559
Durham, NC 1,161